Work Completed

April 2015
92nd St Rail Road Crossing

tie in 92nd st North with 92nd St South.

Curb and gutter, sidewalk, grade elevation change and pavement

May 2015

Ocean Trailer new property 9000 block River Road

Supply equipment and labor to assist in closure plan for re-development of land and supply asphault millings for final lot grade on both north and south property closures.

August-September 2015

Kenworth Truck New Property

Excavate foriegn material and screen to eliminate from site. Build block wall along rail side of property and create super load preload over future building location. Supplied all equipment , labor and sand for the project. Pre load ongoing into 2017

2015 – Present

Matcon Canada Supply various equipment and labor to various jobs for Matcon Canada.

2015 – Present

Le High Cement Supply Equipment to crush waste brick product from the onsite plant and make the material re useable for there kilns.

May 2016

Re grade gravel parking lot and lay down yard for Cascadia Metals. Supply new drainage points and Pave entire lot.

2016 – Present

Ecowaste Richmond Landfill Supply equipment and labor to excavate existing material to assist in landfill production and future closure plans, Work along side Ecowaste, King Hoe, Sylvis and other current contractors